Sensual Impact Mood Alteration or SIMA vs Corporal Punishment

Sensual Impact Mood Alteration, or SIMA, is the term I am coining as an alternative to Corporal Punishment. Corporal Punishment is sometimes referred to as impact play, but that term falls a bit short. For one thing, using BDSM implements to strike another person isn’t ‘play’. Ok, I get it. It’s just a useful, and short, term and not too much should be read into it. On the other hand, as a serious dominatrix, I think some of the language we use in this highly complex realm of BDSM or S&M could be a bit more precise. I don’t suggest that everyone use my new term. I think each domme or sub should use whichever terminology suits them. I’ve been engaging in BDSM practices in varying forms and intervals since I was 18 years old (over 30 years!), and, for me, some of the old terminology and methods have become a bit outdated.

Let’s break down the elements of SIMA.

First, the word ‘sensual’. Most people equate sensual with sexual, but this is not necessarily the case. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, sensual means sensory (2nd entry), which is defined as, ‘of or relating to the sensation or the senses’. I suppose that could be strictly defined as related to the five senses. But, to my thinking, it can involve any stimuli or sensory input or response. And sexuality is certainly a part of this. In this context, ‘CP’ seems rather limiting in scope, referring primarily to pain.

Next is the term ‘mood’. This is a general term for one’s state of mind or feeling state. It refers to a short-term feeling or mental state, rather than a permanent or overall state, such as personality. Moods vacillate and are affected by innumerable things, which brings us to the last element, ‘alteration’.

Many people actively attempt to alter their mood, via many sources. Some well-known ones are sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. Yeah, baby!

In a kinky context, subs often use impact play to reach a deep state of submission, or subspace. They don’t necessarily want to experience pain. Further, many reject the idea of being ‘punished’. They want to feel submission and euphoria without the negative connotations of being bad and made to feel guilty. I believe that the term ‘mood alteration’ is open and inclusive. It makes clear that the receiver’s state of mind will be changed, but it leaves the specific goal or definition up to those involved in the giving and receiving of the impact.

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