American Professional BBW Mistress and Financial Dominatrix Specialising in Humiliation, Corporal Punishment and Foot Worship in London, UK

Not a woman to be trifled with

I’m a mature American professional dominatrix / mistress, who happens to be BBW / plus size these days. I specialise in humiliation, corporal punishment, foot worship, and findom, or financial domination (try reading about my London Findom services first, before you pass judgment and ignorantly start casting those ‘gold digger’ aspersions).

You’re here because you’re searching. Looking for that one little space in this vast, lonely universe where you can be authentically who you are: a slave. Your deep desire is to subject yourself to a professional mistress who will humiliate and emasculate you, inflict severe pain, and/or demand your money. Your heart is aching for it. Your soul is dying without it. You need to submit so desperately, you think you will either explode or implode if you can’t fulfill your need for utter servitude.

But you don’t want to submit to just anyone with a whip and a website calling herself a Mistress, do you? You need to to proffer yourself humbly and bare your soul to a demanding woman who understands your deep-seated need to be enslaved and who will not only accept you for who you are, but also show her approval and praise you for being your true self.

I am that woman. I am a self-assured BBW professional mistress with many years’ experience of having my way with slaves. I understand their needs and know how to deal with them. I have intuitive powers that enable me to get inside your head, sense your deep feelings and desires, and understand how your mind works. You will feel vulnerable. It will frighten you, yet blow your mind.

My goal Is to subjugate you

Allow me to make it clear: I’m not looking for subs, but rather victims. You must have a burning need to sacrifice and suffer. I want to subjugate you for the greater good. MY greater good. You must be willing and able to grovel and give — give of your time, money, and flesh. My interest is in a slave who is capable of being a devoted, obedient servant and will go to great lengths to please me and enhance my life.

Within my DNA is a sadistic streak. I love to inflict physical and/or mental pain on subservient men. Your ego undoubtedly needs bringing down a few pegs as well. My patience with male creatures can be on a short leash, as it were, so I have a tendency to be abrupt, bossy and bitchy. Or ignore you totally until I’m ready to deal with you.

I am, at times, cruel and ruthless; at others comforting and nurturing. I will use whatever tactics are necessary to hurt you – whether by whip or by wallet – then pat your head and tell you what a good boy you are. I will in turn leave you squirming in physical or emotional agony, then offer you comfort.

It’s an insidious strategy. I’m like an abuser, constantly subjecting you to mindfuckery and torment until you’re twisted up inside, then I’ll be the person who soothes your pain, wiping away your tears. You won’t know whether you hate me or love me.

Might as well face it, you’re addicted to love

Despite yourself, though, you will be helpless and addicted to my domination. You will ache with the intensity of fulfillment, like when a starving person gets to eat. You won’t understand why you can’t live without my subjugation of you. You will resist it. You will try to break your addiction to this mature professional mistress. But you’ll always come crawling back, for more. Because when prostrating yourself before me and giving up control is the only time you feel truly alive. It is the only time you truly FEEL. And therein you find your purpose: slavery.

Society sets its rules for who you can and cannot be. I am here to set you free.

If this interests you, then phone me now and quit wasting your life!