Extreme CP SIMA Session with Very Masochistic Sub

I don’t normally do extreme CP SIMA sessions, as I offer sessions of a milder nature these days, but this eager slave boy practically begged me to cane him severely. And I just couldn’t say no. I wanted to see if he really could take as much as he was begging for. And, indeed, to my delight, he took one hell of a beating!

He requested a cold caning from the start, and that’s what he got. When he arrived, I ordered him to lower his trousers and pants, had him bend over the sofa, and wasted no time administering 6 very hard blows with my cane.

Then I proceeded with various bdsm implements, such as a strap, wooden paddle and leather paddle to warm him up sufficiently to take a prolonged thrashing of the cane. I built up the intensity and gave him quite severe corporal punishment. At times he was jumping off the bed! However, in good submissive form, he begged me not to stop. He wanted his limits pushed to the edge. I happily did my best to oblige him.

I had to cuff him down to prevent his ascent to the ceiling, and ultimately thrashed his slave arse within an inch of its life. The picture tells the story, don’t you think?

At one point I called him a masochist, and he said, ‘I don’t think I’m a masochist.’ I laughed out loud at this, bewildered. I asked him, ‘If you don’t consider being beaten severely and loving it masochism, what would YOU call it?’ He had no reply. Dumb slave lol.

Afterwards, we had a cup of tea and a chat. He had a very big smile on his face and sang my praises for giving him the extreme CP or SIMA that he needed.

Needless to say, he left a very pleased subby masochist.

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