Mature Mistress: American Bitch in London

Vivian in black vinyl dress and leather cap, with red fishnet stockings.

I’ve been a pro domme in London for over two decades. I became a London professional dominatrix just a few months after emigrating to the UK in 2001.

I had explored domination and kink in the USA, but, coming from a small town, there weren’t many opportunities for that. When I arrived in the UK, all that changed and my dominant side flourished!

I became known as the American Bitch in London rather quickly after arriving on the BDSM / fetish / kink scene here. I reigned supreme over my minions for almost ten years in my private, well-appointed dungeon. I have experience in many aspects of BDSM, female domination, kink and the world of pervery in general.

Over the years, I have developed into a mature mistress. Having reached the age of 56, with over 20 years of experience under my kinky belt, one can be assured of my confidence and knowledge. My preferences have also become more focused, and a bit more extreme. I’m a lovely person, but, oh!, how I enjoy humiliating and hurting men!

As time passes, I realise more and more just how much I like to have my own way. This is why I like submissive men who are obedient and live to worship and serve a mature dominant woman. I dislike lippy slaves who engage in power struggles or top from the bottom. There will be none of that with me. My American Bitch in London credo: It’s my way or the highway, baby!

American and Brit