London Mature Mistress, Vivian Robinson: American Bitch in London

Vivian in black vinyl dress and leather cap, with red fishnet stockings.

Presenting professional domme Vivian Robinson — American Bitch in London. I’ve been an American Mistress in London for many years. I became a London professional dominatrix, or pro domme, just a few months after emigrating to the UK in 2001. I became known as the American Bitch in London rather quickly after arriving on the BDSM scene here, for obvious reasons. I reigned supreme over my minions for several years in my private dungeon. Over the years, I have developed into a mature mistress, or pro domme. Having reached the age of 50, with almost 20 years of experience under my kinky belt, one can be assured of my confidence and knowledge.

Being American, I am generally outgoing and friendly; however, I can be quite a bossy bitch. Having adoring, obedient men doing my bidding pleases me greatly. And I have no compunction ordering them about or punishing them for disobedience. I recently slapped an insolent slave in public, and he was so shocked, he just stared at me quietly in disbelief for several seconds. He did behave himself after that, though. Afterall, I’m a professional domme. What did he expect? lol

I retain my American accent, despite being settled here for over 19 years. I still use many American terms, such as ‘pants’ for ‘trousers’, ‘hood’ for ‘bonnet’, and ‘potato chips’ for ‘crisps’. Some words just become indelibly etched on our brains. I am very familiar with British expressions, though I hear new ones on a regular basis. Perhaps you can introduce me to yet more new ones?

East London Mature Professional Mistress in Docklands

Being a middle-aged woman, I am a mature professional domme/mistress — operating in east London Docklands — with a great deal of life experience. The terms ‘MILF’ and ‘cougar’ are popular these days. I have been referred to as these a few times. I find ‘MILF’ to be offensive and don’t ever want to be called that. Comprende, slave boy? Cougar? Well, hmm, perhaps I can be. So you youngsters should watch out.

I know that experienced slaves usually prefer a woman of maturity, with a fair bit of life experience and wisdom. As time passes, I realize more and more just how much I like to have my own way. This is why I like submissive men who are obedient and live to worship and serve a mature dominant woman. I dislike lippy slaves who engage in power struggles or top from the bottom. There will be none of that with me. My American Bitch in London credo: It’s my way or the highway, baby.

The Middle-Aged Pro Domme Your Mother Warned You About

I’m not a typical mistress or pro domme. For many years I was a pro domme with my own bdsm dungeon in which I held kinky femdom sessions. While that was great fun, and infinitely interesting, my femdom preferences have moved toward a more ‘vanilla’ type of domination. I think I’ve matured and grown beyong the theatrics. I figured out rather quickly that I could work my magic on slaves and submissives mostly with my words, attitude, treatment of them, and of course my mesmerising feminine wiles. The kinky dungeon equipment often never got used, or was used very little. It seemed to be there mostly for atmosphere. Well, I don’t need all those props to enthrall you or use you. All a London mature mistress needs is herself and her personal assets to control a sub.

I can get inside your head, sense your deep feelings and desires, and understand how your mind works. I am very intuitive and I understand slaves, so spending time with me is rather like being with a clairvoyant. I will see inside you. You will be vulnerable. It will blow your mind. It will excite you. Then your willy will blast like a rocket and you will cry like a baby.

Be careful what you wish for, because I’m the middle-aged pro domme, or London mature mistress, your mother warned you about.

American and Brit