Contact and Booking Information

Booking is very simple, really. You call me on the telephone, we have a chat, you show up, we have a session. This process does involve some caveats, however, so please continue reading. My phone number is at the bottom of the page.

NB: My pro domme fees are fair and reasonable, so please don’t ask for a discount.


In short, just phone me and see if I’m available. In general, though, I require advance notice, and I never work or answer my phone on a Sunday.

It’s best to book in advance!

I am available for sessions Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 19:00 (finishing by 19:00). I can be available on a Saturday with notice no later than 15:00 the previous day. Sometimes, if I don’t already have a session booked for that day, I don’t turn my phone on on a Saturday.

Same-day: Usually not available, but if you want to try, give me a bell. Normally, I need at least two hours, preferably three, for a same-day booking. Occasionally, I am able to see you immediately.

Advance: This is the ideal way to book a session. At least 24 hours is preferred, up to two months in advance.

Enquiries and Bookings

Timewasters are rampant in this arena; therefore, unfortunately, the rest of you have to bear the burden of those losers. Primarily, that means paying a deposit for advance bookings. It also affects how I deal with you on the phone.

Normally, when you phone me the first time, I am as brief as possible. I can be quite curt, and some slaves find this off-putting, believing it means I won’t give them adequate time and attention in a session. What it really means is that I am separating the wheat from the chaff, due to the fact that many male creatures try to get free jollies by phoning with an enquiry. Additionally, I simply don’t have a lot of free time for phone conversations. I can determine your needs rather quickly with a phone call. I am always open to your genuine questions about my services.

I will also learn a lot more about you once you’re in front of me and I can suss you out properly in the flesh. Trust me, once you prove that you are a good boy by following the booking rules and showing up for your session, you will get my undivided attention.

Financial Domination Enquiries

If you have a desire for financial domination and to be a paypig, you must demonstrate good faith by making an initial payment of £50. That means as soon as you identify in your call as a financial slave, I will hang up and text you payment details. If you don’t make the payment, your number will be blocked. Lots of men phone to discuss the financial slavery fantasy, with no intention of ever following through. I learned long ago not to waste my time with such fantasists. Life is too short!

You may serve as a financial slave either over the phone or in-person. The possibilities for service are endless, and terms will be determined on a slave-by-slave basis.


A 50% deposit is required to book an advance session. NO exceptions. This is required because lots of people book in advance whilst in the mood to see a domme, then, by the time the date comes around, something else has caught their interest or they’ve lost their bottle.

Give Me a Ringy Dingy

40's retro telephone operator
Lily Tomlin as Ernestine

You are welcome to phone me any time, but my phone is usually only on from 11am(ish) til 6pm(ish) Monday to Friday, and sometimes on a Saturday.

Being a dominatrix is only one aspect of my busy life, so, occasionally, my phone is not on during the stated times.

If you reach my voicemail, DON’T leave a voice message (I’m terrible about listening to them). Just try again later, or Whatsapp me and let me know the best time to get back to you. DO NOT text me with questions or discussions about sessions. I will answer your questions when we speak. Withheld numbers are not answered.