Whatever your reason for calling me, I will give you 3-5 minutes for free to discuss what you’re looking for. After that, you must send a payment to speak further, NO MATTER WHAT. Even if you’re not done sharing, explaining, asking, enquiring, pleading, etc. Timewasters have made this work very difficult and I have no tolerance for it. Nor will I provide free wank fodder. If you are genuine, then you have no problem at all compensating me for my time and the doubtless excitement you will feel when speaking to me. I’m sure you don’t agree to not be paid for the time you spend on the telephone when you’re working to earn a living.


A 50% deposit is required to book a session. NO exceptions. If you pull a no-show, you forfeit your deposit. That is the point of deposits, to help offset timewasting.

Phone and Video Sessions

DurationPhone SessionVideo Session
15 minutes£40£50
30 minutes£60£70
45 minutes£80£90
1 hour£100£110
90 minutes£120£130

Corporal Punishment Sessions

30 minutes£100
45 minutes£125
1 hour£150
90 minutes£200
2 hours£250

Financial Domination

For initial conversations with paypigs, normal rules and fees apply, as indicated above. After that, terms will be determined on a slave-by-slave basis.