A Note Regarding Gifts and Special Tributes

~~ I have had requests for making contributions during this crisis. This is very kind and generous, and much appreciated. If you wish to make a contribution, please phone me for details. ~~

I get asked a lot about gifts. Slaves like to honour me with a little something nice. I do not expect gifts, but they are always appreciated, of course. Everyone likes gifts. Gifts are a very sweet expression by a slave of his adoration of me. Sometimes, though, slaves bring me things without checking with me first. This has resulted in unusable presents such as wine, which is a popular item to give, but I don’t drink alcohol.

So I thought it best to offer some guidance on this subject. If you wish to bring a gift, that’s lovely, and thank you in advance. Extravagant spending is not required. Sometimes great things come with small price tags. And, it is the thought that truly counts. I do not judge people based on financial circumstances. But if you have the resources and wish to pamper me, that’s a welcome pleasure.

You can check out my Amazon wishlist, or the following list of some other things, to give you an idea of my preferences and tastes, to help you in your efforts:

  • Perfume: Deep Red by Hugo Boss, Patchouli Ardent Eau de Parfum by Guerlain, Pleasures by Estee Lauder
  • Flowers
  • Shoes, size UK7/Eur40
  • Fashion accessories such as scarves/pashminas, handbags, gloves (size large)
  • Jewellery: sparkly or funky handmade pieces
  • Your artwork of any type if you’re an artist or creative type
  • Any sort of fetish equipment or toys
  • Music CD’s. Check with me first.
  • Amazon gift certificates