Domestic Domme London: FemDom in a Home Setting

What is a Domestic Domme?

Leaning against wall in leopard print dress

A domestic domme administers domestic female domination, or femdom, at home rather than in a kinky bdsm dungeon. I find femdom at my London home much more natural and comfortable than dominating slaves in a typically fetish environment. I have a great amount of experience doing that as a professional mistress in London, but now I prefer to dominate men in a setting that is comfortable for me and, in my opinion, more authentic. I don’t need to dress up in outlandish fetish clothing and hang you from the ceiling to take control of you, boss you around, or inflict pain. It is a more realistic interaction. And I carry it out in my own habitat, where I am queen of the castle.

For me, female domination is a normal part of my personality and not something that I have to pretend to be. There is no need for artificial environments, elaborate scenarios, or other pretentiousness. That’s why I call myself a domestic domme. It does not mean you will necessarily be carrying out domestic duties, such as household chores, though domestic service can be a part of your servitude, if you desire.

The ways in which you will serve me vary. For instance, I very much enjoy having my feet massaged while I drink a cup of tea, or keeping you at my side on your knees in a collar and ballgag while I wash the dishes. Or better yet, YOU will wash the dishes!

Not Just Tea and Biscuits

Don’t worry, domestic female domination does not necessarily mean that I will only have you bring me tea or make you do the cleaning. In fact, you may not be required to clean at all. It depends on your strengths and wishes, and on my needs. Generally speaking, I find that most men are seriously lacking in cleaning skills anyway.

I might spend the time verbally abusing you and laughing at you, simply for my entertainment. I do love to inflict humiliation! Or I might have you spend the entire session worshipping my breasts. I might be in a very bitchy mood and beat your ass with a wooden paddle. Who knows? With domestic female domination, the sky’s the limit!

Real Life Domination and Submission

When you submit to me in my home, you will naturally feel more at ease than being in a dungeon. You can be assured that I provide real life domination and I expect you to provide real life submission. Worshipping my feet while I relax on the sofa, or kneeling hooded and gagged in the corner of my foyer for being disobedient will feel very realistic. You will make yourself useful in my domestic home setting. If I drag my gear out to a dungeon, haggle with the head mistress over scheduling, pay her fees, am limited to time restrictions, and create elaborate scenarios for you on all manner of bizarre equipment, then I, in fact, am serving you. And that’s completely backwards. That is not real life domination and submission.

When you come to my place, I am spared all the hassles and restrictions of hiring a facility. There are no false theatrics. The concept is quite simple, really. You come to me and make yourself useful in your servitude, doing things that enhance my life in the comfort of my own home and on my terms. Then you are serving me. That is real life domination and submission. This is how I define domestic domination and why I identify as a domestic domme.

Domestic Domination Does not Equate with Domestic Service

While I have already touched on this, I want to clarify the difference. While domestic service can be a part of domestic domination, it is not necessarily so. It is one aspect of my repertoire. Being a domestic domme means that I carry on with my normal activities, in many instances. This doesn’t always have to be the case. I may keep you in the bedroom the entire time and inflict pain, humiliation, objectification, a sensual flogging, trampling, or any number of things on you. I might sit on your face the whole time and read a book, haha. It really depends on my mood, your type of submission, and our dynamic.

It’s very rare that I have a slave work during the entire session and ignore him the whole time. I am usually very interactive. If being ignored is part of what makes you tick, then that will be part of our session.

Domming with Flexibility and Freedom

These really are key, and the whole point of domming in a domestic environment. I very much like to be in control of my surroundings and dominate on my terms. I don’t cope well with using another domme’s place and working around her requirements and limitations. It’s just not worth it for me, and takes the fun out of the whole BDSM dynamic. I can be very fluid and easy-going in how I control my subjects. For instance, one thing I’ve never done, but have always to do, is take a slave out in public and walk him down the street on a leash. This would be supremely entertaining for me! Might you be the lucky candidate?